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When Jared Ellsworth doesn't hear from his sister for days, he knows something is very wrong. They have been close since they were kids and ever since she moved to the big city to pursue her dreams of becoming a top dancer, they stayed in touch to keep their sibling connection alive and well. It's their nature to look out for one another. Jared packs his bags and leaves for the big city to get to the bottom of it.  

On his own, he has been moonlighting as a nightclub dj looking to rise through the ranks. A self-taught musician his passion has spilled over into electronic music and it makes for the perfect coverup to get embroiled in her world of dancers, djs, performers, socialites, trust fund kids and the under belly of the city life.

As things unfold, Jared’s trail turns into something far more sinister. A path of bread crumbs that leads to more questions, seduction and a tragedy that will force him to places he never thought he would go and a remote mansion rumored to be the location of a nightmare that haunts the past. Now Jared and his sister’s friends, a ban of self proclaimed misfit sleuths, venture to find the truth and bring her home.

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