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Obtaining the power of the Zohar, the realm of Bazillius grew mighty through subjugating its neighboring foes, until it had at last established itself as one of the three great powers. Yet prosperity eventually waned to hubris and corruption, and the Bazillian people turned to coliseum games as a form of entertainment. It is here where captives, renegades, and slaves are forced to fight all manner of opponents, be they beast or fellow men, all in the hope of earning their freedom from the emperor himself.

While many are slaughtered in abrupt and brutal fashion, others rise up to become the favored champion of the masses. Among these favored is Genza, a slave born in bondage, whose ferocious tactics and fiery spirit inspire awe around him. Having lived his entire life within the confines of the dungeon-city, he dreams only of gazing upon the open sky with naked eyes. Little does he realize that his liberation will tip the hand of Fate, setting events in motion that will shake the foundations of the world.

Within the vaults of Hengal, the Zohar silently sheds its light..

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