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FOUNDER JOURNAL: Confessions of an Entrepreneur

Updated: Aug 15, 2022


Today's entry involves having big dreams and facing the fears of executing and delivering that image in our heads to a tangible product. When we came together to do this endeavor, we had this new idea in mind. Something that hadn't been done in this way and something we felt a strong connection to do for ourselves and maybe people like it as much as we do.

We talked a lot about how can we tackle this thing conceptually, flushing out the bare bones, even though we knew we wouldn't be able to do this new idea with the resources we had at this time. What it would take was clear to us, but we decided was it is a mission we feel strongly about and could be useful to many.

Of course fear comes up just like it would for anyone. It does in all of us. It's new. It's different. Our normal is possibly other people's weird. It's a great quote I heard recently. The conclusion we came to is, our dream is worth getting over the hump of fear and we are courageous enough to venture forward without having all the answers yet.

Do we want to trust our process and the application of our talents and skills to find our way.

Do we want to do this together. Will we be strong enough to make it through the good times and the bad.

The answer to theses questions and many more is still....YES!

- Founders of The Shepherds

Jefferson Keith Langley

Zackery Nunez

Mark Kenji Gonzales


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