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Note to Self: About last night…don’t hold it against yourself. Yeah, okay, you got fifty three days down the drain of meetings, but listen you went and you came out with a bird in the hand. You don’t go and you never meet Joe. By the way, don’t forget to dig into this guy. Don’t just take Jimmy’s word for it. This one you do by the book. The lsat time you let things fall between the cracks you had your ass handed to you by the client. You know these greedy bastards are gonna want the world for free, so manage the expectations. Keep yourself straight. Your day back in the sun will follow.

PS. Tell that fuckin Jimmy to stop calling you Nate.


  • Only child of a single mother

  • Was a loner growing up until he found his passion for writing and joined the school newspaper and became more accepted by the overall community

  • Graduated from Yale with a journalism degree

  • Won awards for cover stories on true crime 

  • Accolades for going beyond the call of duty to find the truth

  • Rumors about substance abuse started to surface due to alcohol abuse

  • The pressures of the job started to show and admitted himself into home isolation to recover from the trauma and receive psychiatric treatment

  • Work ethic became loose and unpredictable 

  • Fired from assignment for becoming too acquainted with a woman who was inside the investigation



  • Lead says Joe is legit

  • Keep your guard up, never can be too careful with these guys

  • Be wary of empty promises

  • Kolasis Nightclub 9pm sharp

  • Family murdered. 

  • Crime unsolved

  • Stay sober you idiot


Victim 1 Anthony - GSW to the head region.
Victim 2 Larry -
Victim 3 Mark
Victim 4 Lynda - Trauma to the neck region. Severe blood loss. Severed the carotid artery.
Victim 5 Lily - Broken Neck
Victim 6 Sheila


Suspects / 0



  • Assignments from The Globe, Times and various other top publications

  • Became in demand as true crime investigative journalist

  • Handled top stories like the Boston bombings, infamous murders and other controversial high profile cases, and may other notorious stories for major publications

  • Was revered by his peers off the record, on the record they stayed away from him A story that was too dangerous you called Nathan Morelyon. A story that was riddle with controversy, and not the good kind of attention, you call Nathan Morelyon.


“I often think about what broke the camel’s back. Every damn time, it lands on it wasn’t one thing that did it. It’s never one thing is it? It’s the years of pounding on our foundation and we give in”

The crackle of Nathan taking a drag from his cigarette.

“Watching people do horrible things to each other does something to your soul and it made me do horrible things to myself. I thought I could do some good, but clearly it did something far more sinister to me. But it’s not over yet, I got more fight in me.”

What is a world, where blood travels up?

Where death can look so common and tragedy can bring forward destiny like a modern day reckoning. The ultimate high stakes game.

And now, good comes onto evil’s turf to do a great bidding. A stripped and lifeless place vapid of soul and vibrancy.

Everything is dangling from the edge of mystery and death.







Coming from a long line of warriors, Codename Eliyah, lived in the shadows of her male heritage and siblings. Two older brothers, who were perfect in every way. Despite her gender and expectations stacked against her, Eliyah is determined to make a name for herself.

Born and raised in a small village along the coast of the eastern part of heaven, where the wealthy and the privileged call their home. They dance around like doves on a summer morning without a care in the world. Nothing mere mortals can even relate to and Eliyah was the exception. She saw through the frailties of that superficial world and yearned for something more.

Her gut told her to prepare and her mind told her what to become. When other kids were out playing, Eliyah was focused on an unspoken path. Stronger. Smarter, Faster. That is what she tells herself as she makes her way into The Walk-Ins of Light academy. A black sheep, but ready for the challenge. A challenge she will win and lead her to commendations and being ostracized by her peers.


A legacy that will span across the lands throughout Empyrean.




Double Grip Pulse Blaster with long range scope and infrared scanning grid


Titanium 360 Scepter Edge Blade with carbon fiber storage grip and

electro magnetic shockwave ripple


Sonic Radius Grenades with Electromagnetic Shards


Medallion of One (Supernatural Powers)

Additional Equipment

  • Adaptive Camouflage Suit and Gear

  • Shockwave Cluster Balls (Dispersed Atomized Balls)

  • Armed Robotic Systems

  • Precision Guided Firearms

  • Various Personnel Ordinances




My goals and personal to do’s:

  • Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

  • Write a national best seller and be in the spotlight for my accomplishment, who knows maybe make a movie about it - haha yeah that’ll be the day

  • Learn how to communicate with my special needs daughter better

  • Make a million by the time I’m 40

  • Take my wife on a family vacation where I pick up the tab not her

  • Top physical shape

  • Get better at investing, wifey hates when I lose money

  • Run for political office of some kind

  • Get back in AA and see my shrink again soon


My personal pride and joys, although no one really knows about them I  still try to feel that sense of accomplishment:

A bridesmaid falls in love with a  groomsman at a wedding and it turns out to be a sorted love affair that leaves him dead and her the number one suspect.
Published twice
Sold over 100,000 copies

During a hiking adventure in Australia, Derek Jones finds himself in the ride of his life when he stumbles upon a deserted makeshift campground and a virtually unconscious beautiful woman who speaks of a treasure hidden in the wilderness.

(unfinished / unpublished)
A modern day remake of the old popular detective couple who fights crime and live in the lap of luxury.

Kids book about a dog and a bug that become good friends and along with the rest of the neighborhood animals become the neighborhood watch.
(query letters out / self-publishing an option) 


My doctor says how I see myself is important this list is my view of me:

  • I was shy and introverted as boy, not sure where that came from but being a loner became the norm for me anyway. It’s okay I  like to be alone. Sure keep telling yourself that.

  • Enjoyed solving puzzles, man I loved those cool puzzles, word searches, other mind games and anything else that could keep me preoccupied and my mind intrigued.

  • My father was a heavy drinker and was unfaithful.

  • His mother loved him strangely. After divorcing his father when he was young, his mother obsessed about making sure Anthony never turned out like his father so she became extremely strict. Binding him to the dining table to make sure he learned manners and could be reprimanded easily with a switch.

  • The heavy handed approach fractured  Anthony’s mind and boyhood experience.

  • Read a book a week from my book club as some form of escape and  it became the only place I found I  could fit in, with other outcasts, black sheep and troubled youth.



A gumshoe by trade. Not just any special agent handler, Joe is the poster boy for stellar reputations. For handling the toughest of ego maniac personalities that he has babysat in his career. Rumor has it, he even has a rapport with the devil himself. He takes his job very seriously. Especially when it involves such an important mission for The Walk-Ins of Light and defending good. The night he meets Nathan, it all begins.


A group of elite soldiers of Empyrean from The Walk-Ins of Light that are dedicated and trained to protect the higher realm from the The Walk-Ins of Dark. The Directive was formed by the seraphim, known as the guards of The Great Creator, as a branch to seek out, destroy, rescue and assassinate top level targets to maintain peace.


INFANTRY: troops and boots on the ground, air, water and beyond

SHADOW EIGHT DIVISION: small battalion of eight soldiers that do close quarter combat missions

HAWKEYE DIVISION: seek and rescue special forces includes informants, wounded soldiers, high value targets, etc…

COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION: Responsibility to go in with first responders and set up the infrastructure of the network for all communications.

SCOUT DIVISION: Intelligence and counter intelligence security forces using state of the art equipment and any other means to achieve the goal.



A nickname given to him because he looks like everybody else. That means he wouldn’t stand out in the crowd at any circumstance and in fact, he couldn’t be more generic looking if he tried. But when it comes to his skills and his kill ratio, his reputation in battle is nothing short of a master.



Ruthless is how she is described most of the time when a one word description is needed. Her abilities with a any kind of blade are borderline otherworldly. Her smarts are described as seductive and impressive. But it’s her knack for causing a ruckus that really precedes her anywhere she goes. She takes pride in that. The fact that she alone can cause disorder of epic proportions, it makes her a dangerous combo.


A cog to those who can get his help for their cause. One of the best “gun for hire” that shoots code not bullets. An over the top, scrawny, and high strung tech hacker that spends his days sleeping and his nights being a fanboy and menace from behind his keyboard and million dollar equipment based in his garage. He spares no expense. And when it comes to his clients, Hercules aims to please and gets paid well for it. His master strokes in some of the biggest cyber crimes in all of Empyrean are just the tip of the iceberg.



The notion that when you die only the body is left to be buried is a worldwide accepted truth, but what happens to the soul or a person’s essence from the moment someone passes on. Their essence is left behind in a transitional state. One that binds them in the in-between of two worlds. The light side of Empyrean and the dark side of Hades. Only until they cross over are they truly gone, so in the meantime they are here and the walk-ins can interact with them and see them and work together with either side of the war.

These souls are pivotal to tip the balance.


Made from an unknown invincible substance. When the royal family of Empyrean in Heaven created these rare heirlooms, they were given to the chosen ones so that they could break all barriers of the Universe. A boundless special power to help keep the balance and law and order throughout time and space became the mission.

The fight of Light and Dark shattered the unity and scattered them all across the lands. Only those who are allowed to touch them, let alone bear them across their chest, seek them still to this day. So that one day, they can all be together once again with law and order reigning supreme.

The Ascended Organizations are the governing bodies over life throughout the Universe. Earth is a prized asset that everyone looks to protect, control and inflict their agendas upon. The hierarchy and rank is for order, role and identity. Harmony remains the ultimate focus and yet evil and resistance festers in the corners, growing in size and stature. The war spills to the edges of space and time. Earth has become the center point and the tipping point is upon us. 



The Great Creator
The Supreme Council
The Universal Committee
Walk Ins of Light and Dark
The Masters
The Ministry


When the Scribes of Empyrean were called upon for a monumental task, a hush fell over all the lands. A task that everyone knew would change the future forever and make sure the past was never forgotten. The scribes were eager to begin. Chatter filled the air amongst them all as they brought forth a scroll.

Much like a life scroll that documents from the beginning of time called The First Time and continues through the eternal future filled with the unknown. The scribes are astute beings, chosen by The Great Creator, because of their ability to see the truth, write with pure hearts and defend against the enemy trying to destroy them.

To save the scrolls and the power they hold, the leader of the scribes decided to hide them in a collection of medallions, forged with supernatural abilities and materials. Then, they dispersed them throughout the lands and gave them to selected ascended beings to protect so they never fall in the wrong hands.

They were given a name. An iconic label that would become the hope for civilizations to come.

The War Scrolls.

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