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The humans in the universe of Celtic Mythos live free of the knowledge of the world of the reality of gods and folklore. Only the Earth’s Protectors’ line of humans is privy to the amazing and dangerous clans of Celtic Mythos.



Human. Athlete. Ready to go to college. Brendan loves his family, but he’s ready to start his life. He wants to have the campus life, get some miles between him and his annoying little sister, and just start his life as a man. He’s smart. He’s good under pressure, but he appreciates the strong females in his life. He misses his mother and probably puts too much blame on his father, but he’s learning. That’s what life is about.



Lizzie is the typical teenage girl but who is an aspiring mixed martial arts dream. Don’t let that fool you, because she loves art and music just as much as mixing it up in the gym. She’s rambunctious, smart, and feisty. She has fights with her brother, but still loves him. She lost her mother years ago, but vowed to never let her memory fade. Adventure is what this amazing girl wants, so will you come along with her?



Oscar is a professor and a student all rolled into one. He teaches at a university, sure, but he is a thirsty learner of all things Celtic, especially when it comes to his family history. He’s smart, as you assume he would be, but easily influenced by the dark arts. Oscar is Brendan and Lizzie’s father and has his hands full as a widower.


Leprechauns are a clan of pint-sized humanoids that reside mainly in Corways, a hidden holler in the hills of the emerald island. They are not magical naturally, but have found a way to obtain and use the magic that makes of an Irish rainbow. Most rainbows in Ireland find their landing spot in Corways and rain down magic infused sparkles. Once the sparkles are collected the Leprechauns can wield the power to protect their village and each other.



Dorian is Leprechaun royalty being the daughter of King Duncan. As a royal, she has the magical ability to bring her body to full human height and to help humans shrink down to the minute Leprechaun size. She’s fun, bold, brave, and a bit of a rebel. Yet, Dorian is a leader and knows when to get things done. She’s loving and holds her friends and family close to her heart. If you get into her circle, then you are there forever.



Rory is that friend. The friend that is loyal to a fault, reliable to the end, and offers his opinions… even if you didn’t ask for them. He’s not afraid of any challenge and will follow his friends to the end of the world if they asked. No one can question his character and his love for his Leprechaun clan.



This is your motherly friend that has the level head and a bit of good advice. She’s your rock. That dependable friend who is judgement free. Oh, she tells you like she sees it, but it is with love in her heart. Biddy is no shy customer, so when decisions need to be made, she’s your Leprechaun.


The witches and wizards of Celtic Mythos carry a heavy role on the Earth. Hidden in plain sight, the Necromancers bid their time, waiting for the right moment to regain their place atop of Earth’s hierarchy. Spells, wands, and cloaks are calling cards for this clan.



Power. That’s it. That’s all she wants. Oh, and for humans to die or be enslaved. Nice witch, right? The apprentice to Conchar, the most powerful wizard to ever live, Morna has some lofty goals: steal the magic from other clans, use it to destroy humanity, and relax as the world burns. Simple and of course reasonable.



The. Headless. Horseman. This legend comes to life in the Celtic Mythos universe, terrorizing humans and especially our heroes. He rides a horse straight out of hell and carries a big axe to sever heads. He does not play nicely, but obeys his master to the last order.


Not so much a clan, but a forced enslavement of hell on Earth. Humans, mainly, are captured magically by Necromancers and turned into living zombies with deep red eyes. They obey their master and cannot wait to devour human flesh.


The Merrows have a monarchy an at the time of The Obsidian Dagger Queen Usis is in charge. Another name for the clan is mermaid. These beautiful part human part fish people adore the waters and want to keep them clean. Forced into hiding with the population burst of humanity, they keep to themselves and preserve their rich culture.


Wardicon is the king of the Sidhes ruling his fairy-like clan with wisdom and grace. This clan of Celtic Mythos have nearly transparent wings and flying skills to rival any bird. The Sidhes live in the forest where they forage for nuts, veggies, and insects.


Kelpies are lower intelligence group that fit more into the creature category than clan, but their impact on the other clans can be devastating. They live in rivers and can change their facade to try and lure humans into the waters for a bountiful feast.



The Obsidian Dagger is a very powerful object in the Celtic World powered by the death king of the universe. It has the ability to be a knife length or as long as a sword. Wielding the Obsidian Dagger gives the being the advantage of utilizing the power of Otherworld. 


The Sword of the Protectors is a weapon given to the O’Neil line to be the guardians of the human race and the Earth itself. The sword appears to the protector at their time of need, and Brendan is in the thick of it.


Lizzie’s potion grants her the use of a bow staff… which she is not that happy about. The thing is is that she is a black belt master of combat, so watch out.


Okay… very rare. Very unique. Dorian is super special to the Leprechauns. She’s not only Leprechaun royalty, but she holds the key to the magic of her clan. Her power doesn’t manifest in the form of a weapon… she herself is the weapon.


Rory is a loyal friend and warrior who is a gifted archer. Luckily for him the solution awards him the use of unlimited arrows to defend himself and his friends.


Biddy is feisty and smart so her potion reflected her personality. She grows wings and can fire feathers at her adversaries with great accuracy. She’s agile and determined to help the cause.


An axe is a great tool, but can be terrifying in the wrong hands. Well, how about in the hands of a demons from Hell known as Dullahan? You know, the headless horseman? Power. Death. No stopping death.

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